AutoCAD Fundamentals

  • Course Length: 5-Day Course
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This course is intended for  professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction, who can greatly benefit from learning AutoCAD. The software allows for the creation of precise and accurate drawings, enables professionals to work more efficiently, facilitates collaboration, and can help professionals to stand out in the job market.

Course Outline

The AutoCAD software allows for the creation of 2D and 3D drawings, as well as the ability to add annotations and dimensions. This ensures that all designs are clear and easy to understand for all parties involved in a project.

In this 5-day course, you will learn how to:

  1. Set up an AutoCAD drawing
  2. Use construction commands to create a new drawing
  3. Use editing commands to modify an existing drawing
  4. Use annotation commands to add text and notes to a drawing
  5. Use dimensioning commands to add dimensions to a drawing
  6. Set up viewports to plot a single layout, single scale drawing
  7. Setup and work with multiple layouts in the paper space environment in AutoCAD
  8. Create detail drawings using multi-scale viewports and paper space detailing techniques
  9. Create construction drawings with blocks, attributes, and hatching
  10. Use tables and table styles to create schedules for construction drawings
  11. Create presentation drawings with solid and gradient fills
  12. Use sheet sets to create multi-file plotting sets
  13. Use publishing techniques to prepare drawing set for distribution over the internet
  14. Use external references to create a 2D Assembly drawing set
  15. Add raster images to a 2D assembly drawing set
  16. Create and work with Fields and Drawing Properties
  17. Create a 3D Modeling workspace
  18. Create 3D solids models
  19. Edit and modify 3D solids models
  20. Document 3D solids models with automated 2D documentation procedures
  21. Create custom 3D visual styles

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