New Horizons IS open for business.

All classes are running as scheduled, and are being delivered via OnlineLIVE (OLL). 

Due to safety concerns, at this time and until further notice, no students or testers are being allowed in our facilities. You can attend our live instructor-led courses from anywhere with OLL - no travel required. Contact us today to transition your scheduled class to OLL. 




Stay Connected. Stay Productive. Stay Positive!

Your online capabilities are more important than ever. Here are a few immediate solutions for you and your organization during this transition. New Horizons Central has the immediate capability to accommodate your training needs in all circumstances until working conditions return to normal and beyond. 

We are preparing you and your organization today as we all begin to face business continuity challenges and maintain employee productivity. Click here to view the announcement made March 16, 2020.

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Upcoming Events and Classes

Do You Have an Upcoming Training Events Already Scheduled with New Horizons? If your organization has an upcoming on-site or dedicated class scheduled, we can easily transition your event(s) into an OnlineLIVE (OLL) class for remote delivery.


Online LIVE Reminder

We are encouraging our students to explore our OnlineLIVE training option to reduce the risk of exposure to the Coronavirus.

Online LIVE is instructor-led training delivered remotely, giving you the freedom to attend class from anywhere—at home, at the office, or at a New Horizons location. Utilizing the eLearning platform, Adobe Connect, Online LIVE provides a rich, engaging, live classroom environment that allows you to easily interact with instructors and fellow students. OnlineLIVE learning platform is also easy to operate because it has few technical requirements. New Horizons OnlineLIVE (OLL) is your most valuable training resource right now to avoid disruption.



Ease your business disruptions now.

We can prepare you today as we have the capability to accommodate your training needs in all circumstances until working conditions return to normal and beyond. First and foremost, use this time period now to: 


(1) Prepare your staff 

(2) Maximize employee productivity 

(3) Develop essential skills



Prepare Your Management & Staff.


Do your supervisors need resources on how to manage their workers remotely? Make it easy for your managers by enrolling them in Managing Remote & Virtual Teams

Are your employees working from home? If your employees are working from home, give management the tools and resources they need now. 

If your organization needs a custom course path with a variety of options targeted to your employees or department, just contact us. We can put together a path just for you.

Other important training courses include: 

Check out our Workplace Fundamentals courses as well. Workplace Fundamentals training at New Horizons Kingston provides individuals the competence necessary to succeed in the evolving business world, while giving businesses proper seeds to flourish.



Maximize Employee Engagement.

We are preparing you now to keep your employees productive and enroll your management in essential training for implementation and a seamless transition. 

Did you know there are FREE resources for your organization from Microsoft TEAMS? Let New Horizons help you!


Microsoft Teams

End User Training & Admin Training

What can you do with MS Teams in the context of the digital workplace and to help with increasing employee engagement? 

Basically, EVERYTHING. Ask the 40+ million people who utilize it daily. 

Microsoft has reached 44 million daily active users for Teams, the collaborative communications service that is part of the Office 365 productivity suite. That's up from the 20 million users disclosed last November. 

Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage (including collaboration), and application integration.


Free Microsoft Teams Webinars

Learn the basics of Teams in just one hour. If you need more than just an overview, we are running higher-level courses on our online schedule.



Introduction to TEAMS

March 27, Noon EST
April 7, Noon EST
April 22, Noon EST
May 21, Noon EST

Mastering Microsoft TEAMS

2 Sessions per Day, 9-11 am & 1–3 pm

March 30
April 13, 17, 23, 28
May 8 & 22

Register Now



Free Training

Our training webinars cover the latest topics in the industry including Leadership & Development, IT training, business skills & more office productivity.

View Now

Need a customized online training platform?

Let New Horizons make arrangements for your own facilitators (or utilize our instructors anytime) for custom courses and seminars using this popular online platform. 

In addition, we can customize an OLL platform for your exact needs and requirements as New Horizons has the ability to conduct all training with our solution-oriented approach. 

Do you have a custom request? Just ask.

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Evaluate Your
Learning Credits!

Don't let your learning credits expire. 

This is the perfect time to utilize the training you have already purchased and save thousands of dollars. 

How many credits do you have left? Contact us today and find out!

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Lost Your Training Budget?

Training may be the last thing on your mind right now, but the dust will settle and our lives will return to some form of normalcy at some point. 

When it does you may find resources and funding limited. It’s likely, too, that some of your employees will have some downtime. There are a variety of options when you need training even if you don’t have a budget. 

A shortlist is provided below with links on more information, but if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to New Horizons Kingston directly.

Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV)

Microsoft may be sun-setting this program, but you probably still have some available. Enterprise agreements from Microsoft often come with these vouchers and you may not even know you have them. Check with your IT manager or your Microsoft representative. 

Cisco Learning Credits (CLC)

Cisco offer credits for training for purchasing their products. Most companies save them for events like Cisco Live and use the rest for training. We foresee minimal travel this Spring/Summer, so put those credits to good use and train your staff. 

VMWare Learning Credits (VLC)

VMware provides credits for using and buying their technology. We would be happy to apply them to a training package and help offset expenses. 

Citrix Training Passes (CTP)

Citrix doesn’t provide a large number of passes to clients so they often go noticed. If you use Citrix technology, you probably have them. 

No better time than now to check out these free training options and get those employees’ professional development plans kicked into high gear.

Online Training Modalities Available

We’ve seen a dramatic shift in companies moving physical training to online, and we wanted to make sure you knew about the virtual training options available with New Horizons Kingston.

Online Live

Remote training using Adobe Connect, virtual Labs on Demand, recorded classes, digital courseware, and everything you need to take a class from the comfort of your home office.

Online Anytime 

Self-paced training with thousands of classes. You may not have the time to get away for an entire day, so take your training at your own pace and in smaller chunks 


Self-paced training with hundreds of frequently updated Office 365, Microsoft Office, and Adobe courses. 

Power Hour 

Remote training for one-hour on one topic – focused training to optimize your training time. 

Vendor Self-Paced 

Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and Citrix all have their own self-paced learning platforms. We are learning partners them and have preferred pricing.

Helpful Cheat Sheets from Microsoft


Office Downloadable Guides – Cheat Sheets

Outlook Mail for Windows
View PDF

Outlook Calendar for Windows
View PDF

Outlook Mail on the web
View PDF

Outlook Calendar on the web
View PDF


Office Downloadable Guides - Mac version

Excel for Mac
View PDF

OneNote for Mac
View PDF

Outlook for Mac
View PDF

PowerPoint for Mac
View PDF


Word for Mac
View PDF








An Important Message to our Students from
New Horizons Computer Learning Center - Central


Atlanta, GA   |   Columbus, OH   |  Nashville, TN   |   Omaha, NE   |   Pittsburgh, PA


While keeping your safety and productivity a priority as the Coronavirus [COVID-19] continues to be monitored closely, New Horizons Central is here to help you implement seamless tools and training into your business continuity plan.

Precautions New Horizons Central Has Taken

New Horizons Central locations have already taken precautions to combat the spread of the flu and other viruses with rigorous cleaning and sanitizing using appropriate disinfecting agents. Additional measures have been put in place to increase the frequency of disinfecting common areas such as tables, chairs, equipment, and doorknobs. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are available throughout our centers for customer use. Team members who are sick or have a fever have been instructed to stay home. Team members and students who develop symptoms will be sent home immediately.

New Horizons Central abides by the The World Health Organization guidance on how to protect our students and ourselves.