FOXIT PDF - Level 2


Foxit Phantom PDF For Advanced Users

1-Day Course, $495.00

There are many authors of PDF documents that want to take their knowledge of FOXIT to the next level. This course will allow those authors to become professionals in the FOXIT product.

1 - CUSTOMIZING THE Foxit interface

“Working Smarter not harder” is addresses during this module, where users will customize their environment. Here users will learn how to set language settings, establish preferences for spelling and measurements within the FOXIT product.

    Changing the look
    Setting the Language
    Establishing preferences

2 - Use Advanced Tools

Looking forward into creating Accessible FOXIT document, manipulating the document to be grey scale or embedding fonts are initial steps. Students will learn the skill set here to accomplish that task.

    Change Document to grey scale
    Embed Fonts

3 - Adding Metadata

In a corporate environment, with thousands of documents, is an imperative operation with all documents, not just PDF documents. In this module students will review all of the metadata that is within a FOXIT PDF document and learn which are the critical and which are the optional metadata fields.


Sending PDF files to a commercial printer requires some special processes. It is that the FOXIT professional will learn to prepare those document(s).

    Apply Color Management Settings
    Preview Printed Effects
    Create PDF/X, PDF/A, and PDF/E Compliant Files
    Export a PDF Document to Other Formats
    Reduce image sizes in document

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