Foxit Forms - Creating Forms with Foxit PDF

Duration: 1 day

This one-day course will provide attendees with the skill set to be able to create simple to complex forms using Foxit Editor.  Attendees will learn the ‘how’ and maybe the more important the ‘why’ to create forms.  Students will be provided will a series of documents that they will review before sending to Foxit to be made into workable, sensible, concise and accurate PDF forms.

Understanding the basic concepts of a form

  • Best practises for designing a form, understanding the purpose for the form
  • Review of PDF standards related to PDF forms
    • PDF
    • PDF/VT
    • PDF/X
  • Reviewing what is essential in a PDF form and what is optional

Understanding the form field options available for authors

There are a variety of form fields that FOXIT can offer to authors to add to their forms.  Attendees will discuss the differences between the form fields and which is the best given the data that they wish to collect.

  • Determining the best form field for the form
  • Comparing text fields, radio buttons, list boxes and combo buttons

Designing the labels/captions for all form fields

Attendees will add labels to all form fields so that the user of the form will know exactly what is expected as the field input.  These ‘captions’ or ‘labels’ will allow form users to know date and time format, limitations for input, etc.

  • How to add labels that are explanatory within the form
  • Adding form fields that suit the labels

Importing into FOXIT to create the form

Many times a Word document, or other type of document, exists that lays out the ‘shell’ of the form, without the form fields.  Participants will work several existing files and using Foxit send them to Foxit in preparation for the form completion.

  • External document types, such as Word, Excel, notepad
  • Identifying the placement of fields based upon the original text from a source document

Creating your first form

  • Using Text fields
  • Using List boxes
  • Using Check Boxes
  • Using Radio Buttons
  • Using Combo Boxes

Adding Alternate Text (screen tips) to all form fields

Alternate text is a requirement when creating accessible PDF documents and forms.  It is also used for form users that choose to ‘listen’ to the for while they are completing it.

  • What is Alternate Text
  • How do screen readers interpret Alternate text

Adding button to a form

  • Adding Print buttons
  • Adding Navigation Buttons
  • Adding CLEAR FORM buttons
  • Adding SUBMIT buttons (optional)

Validating and controlling form field input

  • Limiting the amount of text input into a text field
  • Setting the date format required in a date/time field
  • Setting fields as mandatory

Adding calculations to a form

There are times when the PDF form will have numeric/currency fields that require calculations.  During this part of the session students will work with calculations and then ultimately how to display, within the form field, the results of those calculations.

  • At this point in the form development, attendees will review their form and identify where calculations should be done.

Previewing and testing the form

  • Reviewing what form users will see
  • Testing screen tips
  • Verifying tab order throughout the form

Adding Metadata to the form

All PDF documents produced in a government or corporate environment should be reviewed and metadata for those documents included.  As a final step to form creation, participants will review the default metadata of the form and then add additional, organization specific, metadata.


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