Foxit Phantom PDF – Creating PDF Forms

PDF forms are a popular method to collect data from other sources. In FOXIT the creation of forms can be both simple and complex. During this course students will learn all of the basics of PDF forms creation to get them up and running with effiecent and professional looking PDF forms.

Getting started
  • Working with forms in Foxit PDF
  • Using Adobe Reader or and Foxit Reader to complete forms

Creating forms
  • Planning your form, design matters
  • Creating a form from an existing document
  • What you can and cannot edit later
  • The pitfalls of form types

Working with form objects
  • Text fields
  • Check boxes and radio buttons
  • List fields and drop-down lists
  • Print, Clear and Submit buttons
  • Limiting input
  • Adding form field suggestions and tips

Advanced settings
  • Adding input constraints
  • Working with calculations
  • Setting the tabbing order for form fields

Testing, distribution and collection (Optional)
  • Previewing and testing
  • Distribution options
  • Tracking and collection options
  • Considerations for a mobile device workflow

From here
  • Setting PDF Document Properties
  • Adding appropriate form navigation