Capture the Flag

If your entire Cyber journey is still ahead of you, you may be asking, where do I start? Should I go for a degree? A certification? Should I compete in Cyber Competitions?

At EC-Council, we know the road to become a Cyber Security Professional is filled with choices, and once you land that career, staying ahead of the game can be an even bigger challenge. The choices you make as a career professional have real consequences and can dramatically affect your future. You may be asking yourself, am I in the right role? What is the next skill I should focus on? Will I be ready to defend my organization when an attack comes? How do I keep up with all the tools and vendor solutions on the market? What do I need to do to get that next promotion?

The journey is a long one and if we are being honest, you will never fully arrive at a final destination. This field is filled with constant change, shifting technologies and advancements, and new threats and attack vectors that emerge every day. Understanding this challenge, we built CyberQ for you, the individual.

An Accessible and Affordable Military Grade Cyber Range

Cyber Ranges have historically been exclusive to the military and large enterprise businesses that could afford a quarter to half a million-dollar technical solution for cyber exercises and simulations. To obtain access as an individual, you would have to be assigned the responsibility and time in these robust platforms. Without the backing of a large enterprise, you can build a local lab for practice, but the challenge posed from Cyber Competitions, hacking target boxes and networks, and testing capabilities against emulated adversaries was exclusive to the elite. With CyberQ, we have shifted the paradigm. By design, CyberQ brings the full power of a military-grade Cyber Range, the complexities of enterprise systems, all the while automating the entire process, making those environments accessible and affordable to a single student, professional, or curious mind.

A System of Systems

The CyberQ Platform is a system of systems designed to take care of the most complex tasks of creating a target environment, assigning measurable flags and collecting meaningful analytics as you interact with the system to help you ascertain your true capabilities, areas for improvement, and your raw talent.

How Do You Measure Up Against Your Peers?

From complex network creation, complete cloud orchestration, full packet capture, IDS, IPS monitoring, and critical service checks along with an intelligent flag system, CyberQ collects the key analytics on your capabilities at every level of engagement. Each time you interact with the CyberQ platform, it logs your activity, measuring through our benchmarking algorithms how you measure up to those who came before you. Are you able to break in undetected? How much network traffic did you generate compared to others? Did you trip the IDS systems? Were you able to keep critical services alive during an attack? Were you able to recover the systems from an attack and how fast? What are the areas that need work and what skills still need to be developed?

Everything Challenge

You are a part of a security function of a System Integration (SI) company. You have been assigned a task to perform a security assessment to ensure the new workstation server and applications that the company will deploy for the client are secure. Your mission as a Penetration Tester is to perform penetration testing on the target machine and exploit the found vulnerabilities before reporting to your superiors.


Your target is a machine running on a Microsoft Windows OS with an IP address of To get the flag(s) you will have to obtain administrative privilege on the machine by performing various attack techniques. By completing this task, you will gain hands-on experience in the area(s) of Cryptography and System Hacking, as covered in the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course objectives.